Image result for who am iGod never mass-produced man. He carefully crafted each of us. However, some lose “who they are?” in a bid to be accepted by others. The quest for “acceptance” has driven many into pits of hopelessness, despair and dependence(addiction). Some may never discover who they really are and any direction seems to be the right way to them. Hence, the reason for DFC/DISCOVERY. Also, it is important that prompt actions are taken to guide new members of the community (ABUAD) before they are “caught” in any trap. First, we hope to
1)Help young people in the community DISCOVER who they are through self awareness, right knowledge and information because abuse is inevitable when the purpose of a thing is not known.
2)We intend to trigger and start a “change process”…”Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Entrapment doesn’t just start, it must have happened overtime. This change process will include training sessions on “the art of negotiation, PRO life for young people, support groups among others.

So, we decided to have a maiden edition to get started  via a proposed evening program with the theme “WHO AM I?”….. Don’t blend in, STAND OUT!
We intend to plan for the attendees using RSVP. RSVP is indeed French and it stands for répondez s’il vous plaît. It literally means “please respond”. So  do respond below. Would you be there?