Since conception of the ABUAD Timeline Blog in March 2016, the ABUAD Timeline Blog has metamorphosed into a social media platform where visitors can explore and discover exciting stories across Afe Babalola University and Beyond. Contents here comprises of social and academic news,events,enthralling articles,fashion,lifestyle and study-smart tips.

Our team oozes of efficacy with members who are witful, innovative,resourceful,creative,solution-oriented and ever enthusiastic about our projects.

When the management of ANUCA Awards (Volts Media HQ) announced  our nomination as Campus Blog of the year 2017.  Knowing that we were shortlisted from over 328,000 nominees entries,I  asked The CEO, Evangel L. Augustine-D’Israel :”that on our journey to world domination,what can we say we have achieved?”, Keeping in mind that success  does not come by chance, that it has to be carefully conceptualized,planned and efficiently executed. With the Head of Human Resources, Favour Manuchimso Sylva-Oriji   also present,here are our ramblings:

  • Sub domain ed under Afe Babalola University website as ( we are unarguably the university’s official blog.
  • We are the first to fully document any ABUAD Convocation and all the ceremonies. A post on the university’s website on the 4th Convocation was culled from us!
  • We have donated 100 mouse pads to the E-Libraries in Afe Babalola University in order to improve the students’ experience when they have to do research on the internet.
  • In a one stone to kill two birds fashion,our Human Resources recruits intellectually-spirited individuals to ensure continuity, while with our orientation programmes we seek to improve their writing,social and computer skills.
  • During the festive season of the Year 2016, the ABUAD Timeline Blog organized a maiden edition of our photograph(Selfie) competition with a mouth-watering single cash prize of N20,000. This gave room for more interaction within the ABUAD Community as contestants had to talk to anyone and everyone to plead for votes.
  • Using our Instagram account (@bloodjustsplashed) and our website, we have positively projected what can be humbly referred to as the Harvard of Africa (Afe Babalola University) as we broadcast the landscapes as been decorated with her colourful events,students and ventures, while engaging over 7000 residents of the ABUAD community.
  • We have gifted tickets to some of the most enthralling live performances by A-List Nigerian music artists.
  • Recharge cards are dished out to the most interactive visitors on our website and all our social media channels.
  • In the Eid al-Adha spirit we surprised unsuspecting pedestrians with shirts from the ABUAD Timeline Blog souvenir shop.
  • Currently clothing almost 700 Nigerians(Yes! We are keeping count), we have obliviously created a miniature networking amongst those who adorn souvenirs from the ABUAD Timeline Blog souvenir shop.
  • Using our own yardstick periscope, our growth and outreach is likened to that of a bamboo, becoming a household name in the ABUAD community
  • We now have an online and walk-in souvenir shop that has shirts,face and visor caps, buttons designed with creative direction.
  • the ABUAD Timeline Blog now has a Public Relation Agency division that currently handles public relations for the prestigious ABUAD Drug Free Club. A club that has a vision for every #ABUAD resident to be healthy,energetic,confident and safe through their strategies, strategies that ensure that the drug free life can be defended and encouraged.

Our accomplishments came with attendant challenges and some missed opportunities but we have overcome them and learned valuable lessons whilst going forward. I’m still “Saul-Paul” convinced that the best is yet to come. Take the timeline with you by staying connected on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook .

Adeemabua W.C. Ikpade II

Chief Administrator,

The ABUAD Timeline Blog