Everyday is actually a holiday,what and when do you celebrate?

You are so wrong if you have been wishing everyday of the year is a holiday, because actually everyday  is a holiday.

If you check your newsfeed on a daily basis you will find human sanity is declining as each day marks a pseudo holiday no matter how irrelevant or silly the topic may be.

If you think otherwise, please explain National nothing day, Fresh breath day (August 6th), Happy friendship day (August 7th) though the latter is acceptable to me.

Everyday may be a holiday, but you cant party all through the year so which holidays do you celebrate. Your reply will determine if you need to see a psychiatric doctor or not.

Happy friendship day



Writing Naked

Wanna be a writer? Write.

That’s the Pinterest-style quote. It’s many the English major’s idea of a good poster, and rightly so.

Still, I work with an amended version:

Wanna be a writer? Write naked.

Creating something honest requires a total strip down. We shed the need to be funny or brilliant. We shed the need to be anything. We become absolutely Continue reading Writing Naked

Dear Class of 2017

Every June, as commencement season comes to a close, I look forward to watching the speeches and getting a fresh dose of insight from the world’s most fascinating and provocative thinkers.

This year’s speeches were a little different, though. Many speakers moved beyond urging graduates to live up to their potential and asked them to help other people live up to their Continue reading Dear Class of 2017