Afe Babalola University is founded by Aare Afe Babalola, OFR, CON, SAN, LL.D (Lond.), LL.D (Lagos), a self-made man; an acclaimed university administrator; the first and the only holder of LL.D (honoris causa) of the University of London in Africa in March, 2015; the former Pro-Chancellor of University of Lagos and Winner of NUC’s the Best Pro-Chancellor Award (twice) in Nigeria and the Former Chairman, Committee of Pro-Chancellors of Nigeria Universities, Winner of African Man of the Year in Education in 2014 as well as the 2016 African Leadership Magazine’s recipient of the award for Pioneering Excellence & Innovation in Tertiary Education in Africa.


  • Consistent, predictable and assured academic calendar
  • 100% FULL accreditation by NUC National Universities Commission and Professional Bodies in all programmes including Engineering, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences, Accounting, Computer Science, Media & Communication, International Relations and diplomacy and Social Justice.
  • Winner, 2011 Socrates Award for Best Enterprise in Africa by European Business Assembly in Oxford.
  • 1 Best Private University in Google Scholar ranking, No 2 best Private University in Repository Ranking and No 2 best Private University out of 68 Private Universities in Nigeria by Webometrics Ranking (January 2017)


  • Has graduated 4 sets of students in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  • In addition to their university degrees, students obtain professional certification in Banking, Accounting, ICT, Marketing, ICAN, Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Compulsory certificate in one foreign language by all students (Chinese or French)
  • Best female engineering student from ABUAD – Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria
  • 2ndoverall best student from ABUAD by ICAN (ATSWA)
  • Best brain award by Nigeria Trust Award
  • Best University Law Faculty Award – Institute of Government Research and Leadership Technology, 2012
  • The computer Professionals Registration Council in 2013 designated ABUAD as Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security.
  • Students in College of Law reputed the Best in West Africa recorded First Class and Second Upper in Nigerian Law School, 100% in Nursing examination, 100% in Medical Laboratory Science examination, 98% in Medicine etc.
  • The Engineering College is acknowledged as Template for Engineering education in Nigeria by Nigeria Society of Engineers in Nigeria.


  • Internship opportunities for students in Nigeria (Pan Ocean), USA, England, China and Germany.
  • Fulbright scholarship available for students and teachers
  • Students and teachers exchange programme available in highly ranked world universities in South Africa, Brazil, USA, Germany, China and England.
  • Center for Mechanical Laboratory by CES Industries of America.
  • Scholarship Dragnet Solutions Limited.
  • Annual Scholarships by Pan Ocean Oil Corporation.
  • Annual Scholarships by Zartech Limited.
  • Annual Scholarship training in Chinese language in Chinese University.
  • Reduction of 50% tuition fees available for students studying Agriculture who are also entitled to take-off grant after graduation.
  • Annual Scholarships for ABUAD Teachers and Students totaling N7.5million in 2011, N17.5million in 2012, N32million in 2013, N35million in 2014 N40million in 2015 and N45million in 2016.
  • Agbami Medical and Engineering professional scholarship by Chevron, Star Deep Petroleum Limited and Partners.
  • NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship Awards from the year of award till graduation


Repost From Two Years Of The Buhari Administration: The Past Is Still The Present

Two Years Of The Buhari Administration: The Past Is Still The Present, By Ademola Adesola

“To be educated is, after all, to develop the questioning habit, to be skeptical of easy promises and to use past experience creatively.” – Chinua Achebe

In my assessment of the Muhammadu Buhari administration after one year of its gaining office published May last year in some national newspapers, I argued, besides other points, that “Nigeria under the watch of President Buhari has not progressed in the ways and manners which affirm that its manager has sought that position three different times. If the president has learnt anything about how to effectively manage people and resources in line with modern practices in his over 30 years of being out of power, the country has not seen any evidence of that in the last one year! And there stands the proof of the claim that many Nigerian politicians are only good at gaining political power but are unable to suss out how to deploy it for the socioeconomic wellbeing of the greatest number of the people. President Buhari might not have created the oceanic problems he met on assuming office, but the bald fact is that many of his (in)actions in the last one year reveal a mind w Continue reading Repost From Two Years Of The Buhari Administration: The Past Is Still The Present