LšŸ˜‚L! Donald Trump “slied” Buhari after all Buhari’s high hopes.Ā 

The US president-elect, Donald Trump, has snubbed President Muhammadu Buhari by calling 10 leaders of other countries within 24 hours of his victory without putting a call to Nigeria.Trump also sparked suggestions that he may side-line the United Kingdom in his policies after he called 9 world leaders before extending a call to the Continue reading LšŸ˜‚L! Donald Trump “slied” Buhari after all Buhari’s high hopes.Ā 

“Dress for Success”-George C. Prayers

Someone once said that “learners dress to impress, masters dress to express but I dress for success”. its true that as an exceptional individual, you should dress for success. You dress for where you are going to and not where you are coming from. There is a saying that one should “dress the way he wants to be addressed”. Below are pictures of an impeccable and exquisite dresser:

george prayers 7

Always match your jewelries and accessories. Gold to Gold and Silver to Silver.

Model: George C. Prayers

Dress who you are, dress your personality. #POWER

Model: George C. Prayers

match up your leather, it expresses maturity in dressing.Ā  Continue reading “Dress for Success”-George C. Prayers