My Gold Coin

I found a treasure

I found a black and white plated gold coin

I found her


Each time I toss the coin

Those around me always see the black side

And ask why I love such a coin


Every coin has its worth

They chose to see the black side

I chose to see the white side


I know this coin has an imperfect shape with perfect sides

I know this gold coin has magnets that has attracted my heart

I know this particular gold coin is elegant, exquisite and expensive


I know a lot about this coin

Yet I know nothing I need to know about her

In fact Yet is what I call her


I know what I want and I want her

But not all wanted gold coins are needed or worth having

Some gold coins are bad omen


I don’t know if this coin can purchase what I want to purchase in the world of love

I love my treasure, but there is no love without life

If my gold coin is a bad omen, I would choose my life over it


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