Analysis of Toke Makinwa’s viral video about guys and their preferred mode of communication.

Popular OAP and media personality Toke Makinwa recently released a controversial snippet  stating that girls prefer guys who call, a video which has generated so much criticism.

Actually if a choice was to be made between calling or texting most girls would prefer being called instead of just being texted all the time. However, calling or texting doesnt really determine if a guy loves a girl. The guy could call you as many times as possible and still be cheating on you.

Toke Makinwa expressing her preference for guys who spend ‘money’ on calls is not wrong as she has the right to her opinion. Her condemnation of guys who test or make whatsapp calls is what is wrong.

I mean what if the guy has a busy schedule or the girl has a busy schedule, is the guy wrong in deciding not to bother the girl?

Whatsapp calls and voice calls are the same, as both require money. Infact if your talking about money, whatsapp calls are more expensive than voice calls in Nigeria. You have double, triple or more bonus on talk time, but you cant say same for data. Don’t get deceived about the data bonus the telecommunication providers claim to give, cause its either the bonus data finishes fast or after the bonus data finishes the remaining data finishes before you can move a finger or am i the only one who has set a daily data limit just to keep watch on his data because my service provider has decided to be black instead of yellow.

And hey even if whatsapp calls are cheaper, you still spend money even if its little and you guys still get to talk.

Also, i see no reason why girls should see guys who chat as  lazy, because if you critically analysis the topic i don’t see how putting on an ear piece and just talking while I may be doing something else or even just holding my phone close to my hear is easier than moving my hands as i text.

Phone calls maybe better than chatting and texting, but what really matters is the effort he makes to ensure you guys talk.

A relationship is between two people, thus for it to grow, both parties have to put in effort. So hey girls like guys that call, guys like girls that call, so both the guy and lady should make effort to call each other.




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