Gordon Ramsay Will Eat This ‘God Awful’ Food If You Donate to His Charity

Gordon Ramsay is one of pop culture’s harshest food critics. He hates cheesy breadand airplane food. His opinion on Indian food is questionable. And back in March, he told the U.K’s The Nightly Show that “You don’t put f—ing pineapple on pizza.” Now that comment is back to haunt him.


In an Instagram post he shared Wednesday, Ramsay vowed to eat a “god-awful” pineapple pizza on Facebook Live, as long as 500 people donated to the Gordon & Tana Ramsay Foundation, which helps fund children’s hospitals. Donations from this stunt in particular will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Ramsay has expressed his absolute distaste for the pineapple pizza on Twitter before, so he’s probably not kidding when he says that eating his arch nemesis of food will be torture.

The donations have to go to the foundation in 48 hours (from the time he posted the picture to Instagram), so we’ve got until July 7 at midnight before we get to watch him eat his words – as a long as generous Ramsay fans meet the deadline.


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