I Had No Idea I was Killing My Husband

Waking up and realizing what you’ve done for the past five years

I had no idea. I just — maybe it would have been easier to see the clues if we had been doing drugs or were raging alcoholics or something more that was obviously harmful to the human body…

but this?!

We both came away that day from the health exam my husband’s work offers a little…surprised. We had never been told before we had high cholesterol and high LDLs before. Ever.

We were probably just getting older, right? I mean our bodies weren’t what they used to be…

So we cut egg yolks out of our diet, took a fish oil pill every day, and tried to eat more healthy fats like avocado…

But we were still not cutting out the problem, which I didn’t even realizeexisted until now

I don’t know how or why I had gone through all of the 2000s never watching the documentary Super Size Me. I think maybe I had a secret love for McDonald’s french fries that I was happy to keep in the blissfully ignorant section of my brain. But my husband and I recently won a new television (wonderful story for an article some other day) and we had set up that tv in our bedroom …and we had started to scroll through Netflix more and more every night.

One day we decided to watch -what was it called? -Oh ya that documentary about the guy who only eats McDonald’s for a month- Super Size Me

It kind of struck a weird chord I never knew existed when we finished watching the documentary. We have been going to McDonald’s quite a lot due to our new discovery of the McDonald’s app — which gives away AMAZING free food deals in Los Angeles almost every day (basically every time a sports team wins, hits a home run, or scores, the app awards you free food coupons…and because we have several sports teams in Los Angeles we have had our fair share of free Big Macs, free chicken nuggets, and free Artisan sandwiches, and more) Being a poor newly married couple, this app has been our saving grace almost every day.

Or so I thought

It was very eye-opening to watch the documentary and see someone make himself sick, suffer from addiction, get highly depressed, become slightly impotent, and nearly pickle his liver all based solely on a high fat diet.

I decided to test it out. Particularly I was curious about the documentary’s detailing of fastfoods effects on our mood, our depression, our levels of energy, etc…

It is scary how accurate this is — and even scarier how little I realized this before changing my diet.

We’ve gone on to watch more. A wonderful documentary called Forks over Knives shows how people can reverse diseases just based on eating a healthy plant based diet. The documentary The Founder details the history of McDonald’s origins — and the ethical alarms that have been quietly silenced since the get-go…

But the biggest turning point of all was when my husband and I turned to each other, in realization of what we had been doing to ourselves, and apologized for slowly killing each other.

We knew eating fast food was bad. We didn’t really know how bad — and we didn’t realize how often we were doing it as well.

One of us had introduced each other to the delights of fastfood tacos, with amazing deals on “Taco Tuesdays”

One of us had introduced the other to the joys of a fastfood breakfast

And we both have maintained a terrible habit of eating out almost daily throughout our entire relationship.

At first we bonded over our love of different Fast Food chains but now we are kicking ourselves…

So do yourself a favor before you shock yourself in your next health exam or before you kill yourself and it’s really too late…

Try it. Just try cutting out fastfood for a few days and see how you feel. Put more healthy, organic foods, back into your diet and just let your body show you how powerful that can be.

The difference might shock you, I know it did for me…

by Mandy Chew


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