Watch Top NBA Draft Prospects Celebrate Father’s Day In New Foot Locker Commercial

Watch this commercial, ” Father’s Day,” in which NBA prospects De’Aaron Fox, Jonathan Isaac and Jayson Tatum shared memories of times spent with their fathers

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, June 18th, just four days before the NBA Draft, so Foot Locker decided to run a spot featuring a handful of the top draft prospects recalling fond memories of their dads.

The commercial features Duke’s Jayson Tatum, Kentucky’s De’Aaron Fox, UCLA’s Lonzo Balland Florida State’s Jonathan Isaac, all of whom reflected on things like playing one on one with their pops, seeing him in the crowd at all of their games, and just going fishing together.

UCLA’s Lonzo Ball, on father LaVar  “that special time your dad copyrights your name to make it part of a family lifestyle brand” and “tells 29 out of 30 teams to not bother drafting you.”


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