Uber CEO Says he is Taking a Leave

Travis Kalanick, the CEO and cofounder of Uber, told staff  that he will take time off in order to grieve for his mother, who recently died in a tragic boating accident.

“It’s hard to put a timeline on this — it may be shorter or longer than we might expect,” Kalanick wrote in a company-wide memo. “Tragically losing a loved one has been difficult for me and I need to properly say my goodbyes.”

The announcement came moments before Uber held a staff meeting to discuss recommendations from a months-long investigation into Uber’s office culture conducted by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

The probe was initiated after a former engineer named Susan Fowler blogged about her experience in February. Fowler claimed the company refused to properly address sexual harassment that she and other women had reported.

On who is to take charge he said that his leadership team would be running the company in his absence.

Uber lost or removed much of its management team in recent months as scandal after scandal emerged and  Uber currently has no COO, CMO, CFO or president and the 14,000-plus workforce lacks a clear No. 2 who could run things in Kalanick’s absence

Uber has started taking steps to fill out the executive bench as it hired Harvard Business School’s Frances Frei as senior vice president of leadership and strategy last week, and will add Nestle SA’s Wan Ling Martello as an independent director.

Source; CNN


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