SOUNDTRACK OF THE DAY: Released Audio Tape by Sahara Reporters of Dino Melaye

Sahara Reporters recently shared a purported audio tape alleging it is Dino Melaye revealing to one Muhammad Audu, how he framed two other persons simply identified as Edward and Taofik, as suspects in the case of the failed assassination attempt on his life on April 15th.

As expected Dino Melaye has denied the voice on tape is his own.
Daniel Dino Melaye was born in the city of Kano. He was a Student union leader at the Ahmadu Bello University. 

Melaye was a member In the House of Representatives, where he openly opposed President Jonathan Goodluck, calling his government the most corrupt one in Nigeria.

In the 2015 Senatorial election he was elected a member of the Senate of Nigeria from the Kogi West Senatorial District and has openly bragged on national TV that he’ll one day rule the most populous black nation.

Melaye in recent times has been involved in various scandals

As a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it was alleged that Melaye continued to operate a checking and savings account with a US bank, in violation of Nigeria’s Code of Conduct Bureau which strongly and clearly prohibits the use of foreign accounts by elected and public officials.

Melaye criticised Edo state Governor Adams Oshiomhole for “importing his wife” rather than marrying a Nigerian woman.

Melaye had threatened to beat up Senator Oluremi Tinubu and ‘impregnate’ her on the floor of the Senate.

Melaye was also involved in various certificates scandals in 2017 including his claim to have obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from Ahmadu Bello University and a degree from the prestigious Boston-based Ivy League Harvard University in the United States. Though with regards to the Ahmadu Bello University certificatescandal he was later cleared by the Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University who appeared before the Senate Committee to confirm that Senator Dino Melaye graduated from the school, although under a different name.

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