Videos girls slammed by Onyeka Onwenu in HipTV interview

Onyeka Onwenu is tired of watching women shaking their butts and other parts of their anatomy on TV and she is baring her mind about it.

In a new interview with HipTV, Onwenu said it is disappointing how women perform for the men in music videos, adding that the singersthemselves churn out works that lack contents.

I feel sad when I watch and see all these videos that should not be shown, and I hate what they are doing to the women,” she said. “I hate what the women are doing to themselves; allowing themselves to play such roles.

I am consoled by one thing: the young shall grow. You can start off singing all these nonsense and shaking bum bum and all that. But there comes a time in your life when you realise that there’s more to life, and that that talent is given to you is meant for greater things. And that’s when you have that switch.

So, I’m watching all these new artistes and hoping that at some point in their young lives, they will come to that realisation,” she concluded.

This comes barely a week after reggae legend Ras Kimono put younger artistes on the blast, saying that their works deeply annoy him. “I listen to these songs and get angry,” Ras Kimono said.

Now, Onyeka Onwenu echoes some thoughts and we wonder how long before the change they seek comes.

Watch the video:


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