We have continued to lay the blame on our leaders for the bad image of Nigeria and this is right. However, we have never admitted assisting them to stab Nigeria.

Sounds of the daily news headline “Fight on Corruption” echoes in the sea the masses are drowning, while sounds of laughter echoes at the docks where the corrupt politicians mock us as though we were nothing, but dirty socks pulled off by their concubines who also happen to be part of the masses assisting them as the pleasure they offer is a treasure that strengthens the wild and untamed lions we call our leaders.

We have regenerated problems for future generations and yet we fail to understand the solution to our problem lies in our generation. They ‘the mafia’ are amidst us and we serve them with the blood of past generations. The next elections will come and usher in elected problems as some of will kill for those who have stripped us of our dignity as free men.

Sadly, after this period, the innocent will cry, while the guilty ones will sit on rooftops making merry and give their false message, ‘the message of hope’.

Ben Murray Bruce common sense agenda is common to all, but the consequence of the common agenda of the ‘Nigerian Mafia’, about to slaughter Nigeria is certainly not common to all. So I urge everyone especially my peers who are the future leaders, to save our future before the mistake of today, let our past mistakes consume our great country Nigeria.

 Impose an Imprint In order to inquire the Code to the Impossible-

Augustine-D’Israel E.L


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