Nigerian Thieves Dey Vex Oh.. So You Better Look Up These Ways To Protect Your Luggage During Flights

Image result for thiefcaught on a arik flight

This morning thieves were caught red handed stealing from passengers  on an Arik flight going from Lagos to Abuja, Nigeria.

However, as it was not the first time such an  act will occur, the airline had already put security measures in place as they had someone pretend to be a regular passenger on the flight to watch what was going on.

So as the journey began and passengers started to doze off, one of the thieves started carrying out the theft unknown to him that the spy had seen him and infact waited for him to finish before calling the attention of Arik staff aboard the flight.

After, passengers and Arik staff questioned the suspect seeking for his accomplice, police were alerted and as soon as the flight landed in Abuja, police were seen taking two men.

Make sure you read these hints on protecting your luggage during flights here

Avoid attractive and pricey luggage:

Thiefs will always target attractive and nice looking designer luggage’s like Hermes, Goyard, Louis Vuitton…

Be cautious during check in:

When you put your bag through the security X-ray machine, watch it go in and come out. Pick up the luggage right away, and don’t leave it at the end of the conveyor belt while you put on your shoes.

Board the Plane early: 

Boarding early means getting more and better space for your luggage at the overhead compartment.  If you are the last to board and the overheads are filled, your bag will be relegated to the dreaded gate check—onto the airplane’s luggage hold right from the jetway. Unless you remember to remove them before the gate check, your valuables will no longer be on board for the duration of the flight.

Keep bags with you at all times:

Don’t let them out of your sight when you’re checking in to a flight or window-shopping in the airport stores. If it’s a night flight, fight that sleep and make sure you watch out for pilferers .

Use a bag that has double zippers at all entry points or one which you can secure with a combination lock:

A suitcase with a built-in lock is highly recommended. Even a split key ring configured to attach the zipper pulls can discourage wandering hands. A good way to discourage thieves is to turn your bag around so that zipper openings face inward inside the overhead bin.

Ensure luggage is directly opposite you:

If your seating left, your luggage should be at your right, instead of having your luggage directly on top your head.

However, theft on board airplanes is a worldwide problem, and the only true solution is leaving those luggages at home, but that rarely happens and the world would never be a perfect place so at the end of the day, it all depends on being watchful and being a SHARP GUY.


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