Details of International Friendlies in The Month of March

March 2017

Wednesday 22nd March

Cyprus v kazakhastan 16:00

Czech Republic v Lithuania 17:00

Germany v England 19:45

Scotland v Canada 19:45

Thursday 23rd March

Kenya v Uganda 13:00

Nigeria v Senegal 20:00


Friday 24th March

Tunisia v Cameroon 13:00

Russia v Ivory Coast 16:00


Saturday 25th March

South Africa v Guinea-Bissua 13:00


Sunday 26th March

Kenya v DR Congo 11:00


Monday 27th March

Turkey v Moldova 17:15

Ivory Coast v Senegal 19:00

Nigeria v Burkina Faso 21:00


Tuesday 28th March

Georgia v Lativa 11:00

Egypt v Togo 16:00

Albania v Bosnia and Herzegovina 17:00

Estonia v Croatia 17:00

Macedonia v Belarus 17:00

Russia v Belgium 17:00

South Africa v Angola 17;00

Cameroon v Guinea 19:00

Luxembourg v Cape Verde 19:00

Austria v Finland 19:45

Netherland v Italy 19:45

Portugal v Sweden 19:45

Republic of Ireland v Iceland 19:45

France v Spain 20:00


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