The Technological future.

Different revolutions have taken our world by surprise and most times we just remain as bystanders as we are taken aback in our own world. Of recent our world is experiencing a technological revolution and those who thought that the industrial revolution was something will have their minds blown away by the technological revolution. Technology is seeping into everything we do, the way we work, the we perceive our environment and our daily lives as individuals.

Individuals most now realize that technology has gone beyond being able to talking to a friend in Pakistan or Skype with a relative in Asia. Right now we are talking about mind-blowing and juggling advancement and now we are even prompted to ask  a very important question ,is there anything technology cannot do, do limitations truly exist for technology???  Despite how far technology has gone let us not be carried away by it because truly it is not everything and no matter what it can’t give life.

Regardless, that is far from the issue now, the issue is that like it or hate it, embrace it or refuse it, technology is fascinating us all and I mean everyone. Remain not in the dark and look upon the achievements of technology.

Smart houses: 

Have ever been woken just right in the middle of when you were falling asleep after trying so hard to sleep for hours or a rough day at school to go and check the doors in the house and make sure they are locked properly especially with the insecurities confronting our modern society, just when you thought you were finally having your beauty rest. Right there with your sleepy eyes you will grumble and wish there was some kind of remote control you could use to lock all the doors all at once right in your bedroom and not have to go all the way downstairs right that moment. Maybe not you but many of us have been there. Well say no more because smart houses are finally here to the rescue to save you from all that. This houses no jokes are completely very intelligent than some people. They got you covered  in every way you can think off.

Image result for images of smart houses

Normally we may all see this house above as a very fancy house but I really wish I could stop there in describing it but definitely I can’t, and that will be definitely be undermining because I won’t say enough to really explain this for you but right now take a minute follow the link below and watch this very enlightening video and see for yourself.


Now lets talk about cars, this is literally something to say OMG! and drop a jaw for. we definitely saw this in movies, 007 and the rest but I never thought it would ever be something I would talk about or even make a blog post including it. So I don’t know about everyone else but I am definitely fascinated about this right here. So right now in 2017 we are confronted with the reality of self driving cars like the Tesla and I find it AMAZING. So basically technology has provided us with self driving cars and smart houses.

Related image

Image result for images of self driving tesla

I think one day I will really want to be in that car with legs up while I tour round my city.


Image result for robots

I am really not a science freak or one of those individuals who are thrilled by it a lot but I like the internet and I also happen to have found information regarding the new technology of robots and everything I saw,. basically describes it using the term RISING. In the big economies of the world  U.S, China, Robots is quite something big production companies dealing in special production are conversant with, such as car companies. And it seems like the invention of robots will continue to grow with time and with expansion of the world’s economy.

Have no doubt in your mind or heart regarding the takeover of technology in every sphere of live or like I will like to refer to it as the technologically future we are about to witness in our world that will take us all by surprise so just keep your eyes open all be expecting it to happen.



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