These 6 Foods Will Improve Your Health and Sex Life


The term “aphrodisiac” tends to have cheesy connotations, but there’s serious science behind functional foods. “A nourishing, whole food diet leads to more energy, increased stamina, and overall strength,” explains Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise of organic meal delivery program Sakara Life. “Cutting the rubbish out of your diet—we’re talking overly processed grains, dairy, meat, and sugar—also removes toxins that hinder your sex drive on a hormonal and chemical level.”

Beyond oysters, studies suggest there are a ton of everyday fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs that are proven to rev up your libido. From endorphin-boosting chili peppers to sex hormone–stimulating beets, Tingle and DuBoise explain exactly what to eat and how to incorporate it into your diet to reap the benefits.

Add these six science-backed foods to your grocery list to improve your health and your sex life. Your future self will thank you. 



“Spicy foods contain the compound capsaicin, which helps boost circulation, release feel-good endorphins and fire you up!” explains Tingle. If you’re not partial to peppers, she says cayenne pepper has similar health benefits.

Sneaky serving tip: “Season your roasted veggies with a dash of cayenne or add chopped chili peppers to your next curry or stir-fry,” she recommends. Alternatively, hide your salt shaker for a week and reach for these healthy flakes instead.


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