Pastor Chris in Ghana with Pastor Benny Hinn at Special Ministers Conference.

Pastor Chris rouses expectation in thousands for a ministration of the Spirit through Pastor Benny.

What you’re going to watch out for the most is that ministry of the Spirit that’s coming in the message,” the BLW President said to thousands gathered at the LoveWorld Arena in Accra last night, as they prepared to listen to precious words from the lips of the healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn.

Worship minister, Eben, leading the congregants in obeisance to the Most High God.
Evang. Dag Heward-Mills, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, introduced among other ministers.

The ongoing 2-Day Special Ministers’ Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn in Accra, Ghana, began with thousands of ministers filling up the LoveWorld Arena and several more around the world watching via LIVE stream.

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Among the several inspiring ministers present were senior Pastors and Bishops of various ministries, who were acknowledged by the BLW President in the course of the program. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills of Lighthouse Chapel International and Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams of Action Chapel International were two out of the several dignitaries whose presence was recognized, amidst loud cheers from many in the congregation.

The auditorium erupted in shouts of excitement as both ministers mounted the stage together for the first time in the 2-day Special Ministers’ Conference. Pastor Chris graciously introduced the healing evangelist, lauding him for the impact of his service in the lives of ministers all over the world, particularly in Africa.

Pastor Benny takes the pulpit after a glowing introduction.

The BLW President, in this powerful opening address said to the ministers with great conviction: “the message will come to you in power, but it is more than a message…you will be impacted by the Spirit of God!”

Pastor Benny Hinn explains the sovereignty of God expressed in the Old Testament.

The healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, began teaching on the anointing of God’s Spirit at the first session of the Special Ministers’ Conference, which began last night in Accra, Ghana.

148709092726 whatsappimage2017 02 13at4.57.12pm

As he shared, he described a river of the anointing that was unavailable to Prophets of the Old Testament, except a few who were blessed of God to see the Christ ahead of His birth into the world. Digging deeper into how they were able to see this vicarious sacrifice of the Messiah, Pastor Benny said, “Jesus died before the foundation of the world…He was crucified first in the heart of God, the Father!”





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