#IStandWithNigeria Nationwide Protest

Though 2face did not physically participate in the #iStandWithNigeria protest, because he was not convinced that the rallies will not lead to a breakdown of public order still organizers of the protest went on with the protest

Celebrities also participated as Charles Oputa, aka, Charly Boy,  comedian Sheyi Law also participated in the #iStandWithNigeria protest against Buhari’s government in Lagos.

The EnoughisEnough (EiE) Nigeria, the coalition behind the “I Stand With Nigeria/One Voice Nigeria” had this to say concerning Tuface absence and the protest,

“We thanked him for inviting us when he first decided on these protests and informed him that we believe it is important, despite the risks, to continue with the demands, for the sake of the Nigerians who have put their trust in this movement. We will hold the Lagos Commissioner of Police and the Presidency to their words that citizens have the right to protest and that it is the responsibility of security agencies to ensure the safety to all citizens,”

“We have also continued to demand that Mr. President delivers on his promise to #BringBackOurGirls movement. It is important we continue to hold governments accountable and to vocalize the aspirations of a frustrated and disappointed people. This call has gone beyond 2Baba. It is now a Nigerian demand,”

“Government finances and contracts must be open and available to all. Who got the money, to do what and by when? Our governance is too expensive – federal, state, local – cars, housing, allowances. We must reduce the cost of maintaining our public officials,”

The group called on Nigerians to be patriotic by ensuring that between Sunday and Monday, they share via videos, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SMS to 0902-355-5335 to provide information on how they are being affected by the country’s economic situation.

“Use any of the hashtags #IStandWithNigeria #OneVoiceNigeria on social media.

View Pictures here




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