Nigeria Campus Choice Awards 2017

Watch out as nominations for the event is scheduled to hold soon in 2017 as students from several Universities in Nigeria and beyond are welcomed to participate.Plaques will be presented to the students as rewards for the votes they get from their colleagues. There are two segments of awards; those for the freshers and those for the full school and well-structured categories.
List of Categories and nominations for the categories would be made public in 2017

The award is to give appropriate Recognition, credit and empower students & youths across the federation who are hard working, enterprising, philanthropic and show other positive traits that prove they are indeed the true leaders of tomorrow.


“we have been to different institutions, Campuses & Events for years&Have seen Students&Youths who excel very well in their fields of specialization. this is the first time we are coming up with the awards and we hope to get sponsors real soon.-Coordinator of the event, Kenneth Philips



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