Check Out This Gadget- The Kissenger

If you were thinking getting a slap from the other side while on a call was impossible it’s probably time to start having a rethink. A new technology, The Kissenger seems to have opened new doors as Lovers and loved ones separated by distance can now kiss each other through the internet.

The Kissenger is a gadget that’s been knocking around university research labs for the last few years and aims to let couple kiss each other through the internet. This is how it works

It’s a brightly-colored smart phone holster with an inviting plastic pad attached to the bottom. You lock lips with the pad and it transmits the sensation through to an identical holster and an identical pad that’s nestling your partner’s phone wherever that may be.

According to Emma Yann Zhang, who worked on the prototype. “Kissing is the most direct and universal expression of intimacy and affection”.

The Kissenger works with pressure sensors and actuators that record and transmit your kiss to the receiving device, which recreates it for the person on the other end through an app that also features video calling.

A lot of work still needs to be done on the gadget as the pad isn’t mouth-shaped (although the actuators are lined like lips) and there’s no simulation for a tongue.

Parents can also use Kissenger to give their children a kiss on the cheek when they are away at work,” say its creators.

The creators say the next stage of the Kissenger is to build scent into the prototype. So you can get the authentic smell of the person you want to kiss.


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