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Most people have very busy lives, everyone is always struggling to be up and doing in whatever activity they basically involve themselves with, from the parents with responsibilities to handle to the children who are in most cases students struggling to get a good grip in their academics and make their parents proud. Truth is basically life is full of activity for everyone and everyone is always trying to play his or her part well.

But while we go on our busy schedules of our work life we need a break, whatever activity we engage as ourselves in whether as working parents or as hardworking students we basically need to stop at some point for awhile to take a break and revive ourselves. most people are not always privileged to the liberty of taking a break whenever they feel stressed, but as God will have it holidays exist. You may not readily accept it or appreciate but truly holidays are gifts from God.

Having laid that on the table, what really comprises a good holiday? To some it is basically being able to lay in bed all day without being worried of your alarm going off by 6am reminding you that the time is not waiting for you and you have to begin to get ready for your work that day or whatever it is you have to do,P.S i happen to fall in this category.To some others too it is being able to spend QUALITY time with the ones they love and create memories that will stand the test of time and what better way can you do so but by travelling. I completely believe that travelling to places is one of the things that could turn an ordinary holiday to the best amazing moment of your life especially if it is with your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be to Taj Maraj in India or Buj Khalifa in Dubai, or any of the foreign places they paint as heaven. you stay here, within the shores of this beautiful country Nigeria and have the best and most amazing trip of life. Sadly people don’t believe they are wonderful holiday spots in Nigeria that will leave one thrilled, everyone wants to get in a plane to America or Europe. Well that is a wrong way to think and for those who don’ t think Nigeria has places that one can go to for a wonderful holiday, it’s time to start looking closely and start to take some wonderful discoveries of all the beauties in NIGERIA. Here are five holiday spots in Nigeria that can make your holiday great and more some will not make you break into a bank to be able to visit them:

  • OBUDU CATTLE RANCH: So this one maybe stale still its one of the bam! holiday spots we have in Nigeria and its completely worth it.So it is located in Cross River its on the countryside and also for the nature lovers its also offers pleasant mountain areas.Hold on, that not all the really good part is that with as low as 3500 you can get accommodation around the ranch compared to all the over priced hotels you where you will be charged a fortune for decent accommodation.It also has a water park, a cattle ranch and a golf course.
  • Idanre hills: This is located in Ondo state, it has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Nigeria. I find it very interesting that a city actually existed on this hill.This hill surrounds Ondo state , taking a trip to this state will allow you to explore the beauties of this natural terrain.
  • Tinapa resort: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i have been mentioning good holiday places which I can not really certify will give a dope experience for you and your loved ones because you know i haven’t been to them so I can’t really testify. But, this very holiday spot is the one I have been very privileged to have a taste of if I can say that and if not for anything I can say it is a very beautiful,amazing,wonderful place you may think I am exaggerating but as long as you get the point I am trying to drive home its cool. I really think there is something about Cross River because yet again this beautiful holiday spot is located in cross river. The Tinapa Free Zone has a casino, IKR its like having Vegas here in Naija, it has restaurants too for the food lovers,Cinemas for the movie dates,arcades for whatever happens there and the very best *drumrolls* it has clubs and yes there is an ‘s’ just so you know its not one. So now lets see what’s really stopping you from throwing all your things in a bag and driving down to Cross River, forget the flight bookings road trips are the best so you have absolutely nothing standing between the best time of your life. Believe me once you go to Tinapa you will have stories to tell and the best part is you really don’t have to thank me for anything because I know you will so have the best time of your life.
  • Olumo rocks: So i thought rocks were not a big deal , I mean who cares about a gigantic piece of rock sitting in a particular location, there is more to life than that, this is normally the trend my thoughts would have followed but out of this gigantic piece of stone something good has been brought. amazingly, this piece of rock seems to amaze a lot of people because it is one of the most famous tourist locations.It is in Abeokuta and also for all those climbers you know those that like  the daring things of life, I happen to be very far from this category but anyways for those of you out there this is the best place for you, so get your feet ready and your muscles stronger because those rocks are more than strong enough for some climbing.
  • Terra Kulture: Hmmm……. so from what I have seen I am just really going to recommend this for the art lovers those who have the creative spark lit up in them or who want to drink deeply form the creativity of arts.In this place you will find latest African Literature plays and can watch beautiful plays. I also think for those into fine arts there would be something for you too. So what I am saying ? you need to try it I am even thinking of it already hopeful I will meet someone reading this there who got motivated to visit Terra Kulture because of this post.

Ladies and gentlemen what I am going on and on about you maybe wondering, well it is really really simple. There a lot of amazing places in this country which you have not even seen or even heard about you know because some of the best things are the things sort after before they are seen. So don’t let the let the travel experience pass you by because of anything even if you are a traveler and have visited this places, get on your browser and look for so any beautiful locations you could run off to. They are so many beauties in NIGERIA. So have a beautiful holiday travelling to beautiful places and making beautiful memories.



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