A nation is almost sexagenarian
people barely say ‘I am Nigerian’
wake up in the morning
not sure about my evening
hustle round the hour
three square meals missing

elite and pleb relationship sour
leaving me reminiscing
Basic amenities unavailable to the masses
government initiatives can’t help pay taxes
Religion for good luck more than ‘two six’
plethora of injustice zeniths corruption statistics
youth involved in fraud and ‘picking things’
health of our country is gravely sick
we can do better we tell ourselves
we know the steps,reorganize our shelves
but we love inertia and procrastination is bae
so we forget till ‘eleventh hour of reckoning day’
then a solution we beg for in any way
and it comes at a price men dread pay
Bright future, we had potential
wolves overthrew ‘Government presidential’
What next? Increased turmoil
civil war and greedy plans we could not foil
neglect of the soil for oil
profits to those with strength not all
so in misery, poverty and frustration boil
how low the mighty do fall
Our Sunrise is gone, make hay before Sunset
tarry we must not, she has dogged us from onset
‘together we can’ is the mantra we must chant
put in work like every Naira was a better chance
of a life with less can’ts, more cents
ever industrious, great yet tiny ant
free in mind to make merry and dance
see in ourselves our God sents
Hope we now have
children may no longer starve
for dreams foretelling the end of hunger and strife
Change is dynamic yet only constant in life


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