I can vividly remember the other day, I was at the barber’s shop waiting to get a haircut, then this young man screamed as he was making his way into the shop, I was dead frightened.

To cut the long story short he wanted to barber his hair, and he couldn’t wait for his turn, he turned back, got into the gutter and walked to his bike through the mentioned route, got on the bike and zoomed off without even checking for the on coming trailer. When he left, the barber said “oh ti lo tramadol, 400MG”.

The disastrous way in which today’s youth get involve with drugs is increasingly alarming and preposterous, the codeine, refnol and tramadol factor is fast becoming a phenomenon, a deadly apocalypse that is eating away our youths reasonability and moral uprightness.
Tramadol is a narcotic like opoid pain reliever and used to treat moderate to severe pains, it main purpose is not for hard work or showing maturity.
The main truth about using tramadol is that it causes convulsion, addiction, seizures, death, it cannot be taken with alcohol but our youth would use it with dry gin, the most painful aspect is that some students take tramadol just for the fun of it, I mean for nothing sake. Some few months back an undertaker died in the course of his duty, it was discovered he took tramadol with dry gin without eating any food, I wonder how you would have money for tramadol but won’t have money to eat good food.
Tramadol cannot be used by children as it causes hard or slow breathing, it cannot be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women as the child is in grave danger, it can also not be taken by elderly people as it causes respiratory depression, cognitive impairment and sedation.

According to a 2014 report by the
World Health Organizations Expert Committee
on Drug Dependence ‘”.in many cases of
Tramadol dependence, a history of substance
abuse is present but the evidence for physical dependence was considered minimal.

Most people do not need this life threatening and dream shattering drug but research shows that they take it needless of needs. It should be noted that people suffering from asthma, ulcer, head injury, epilepsy, metabolic disorder, or if you are treating cold and cough, severe headache, depression, mental illness, muscle spasm e.t.c, you cannot take tramadol, medicines can interact with tramadol and cause a serious condition called serotonin
Conclusively, you do not need all this enhancing poisons to function perfectly unless it’s been prescribed for you, why will a person just decide to play temple run with their destiny, be guarded, be wise, be conscious, and be sensible, thank you.


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