10 foods that burn belly fat

Belly fat is a common problem that most of us face. Here are a few fat burning foods that will add to your fitness regime and make it easier for ...:

Belly fat, a common problem where the mid-portion comes bulging out. We all hate it because it stops us from wearing skirts or dresses because the belly portion is too evident. Start by knowing the reasons for fat accumulation in your tummy so that you can take the necessary steps.

Why fat accumulates in your belly?

  • Hormonal changes: women acquire fat around their belly mainly due to some hormonal changes in her body after menopause. With the hormonal change, metabolism gets weaker resulting in fat accumulation around belly.
  • Genes: If obesity runs in your genes, it will happen and you can’t help it.
  • Too many calories: with excess calories intake, it transforms into fats. Excess junk food; make it difficult to burn so many calories, resulting in fatness.
  • Stress: its human nature to eat too much under stress, eventually leading to fat accumulation.
  • Lack of sleep: it leads to indigestion resulting in gas formation and puffs up your belly making it look flabby.

How fat accumulates in your belly?

Carbohydrate, protein and fat rich foods serve as a catalyst to produce energy to perform various functions. The excess is stored as fat in the fat cells of our body.

With fat foods, the fat cells run out of space and then get stored within muscle linings.

They are mainly present in the waist, hips and chest area and when there is no more space in the cells, it starts accumulating in the muscle linings leading to a flab.

Losing this additional fat from the problem areas are one of the biggest concerns for many of us. We have established this already. Now what do we do about it?

Besides exercising, you also need to have a proper diet that includes food to reduce belly fat. Your diet and exercise combo should be such that you’ll burn more calories than you consume. Teenagers are lovers for fast and fatty foods. But if you are really serious to reduce the embarrassing waistline, then you need to give up on those high-calorie tasty foods.It is time to look up some of the foods that burn belly fat.

Fat Burning Foods

Here are some essential foods that burns fat that fat around your belly.

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Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, kiwi, tangerine, fresh limes are excellent fat burners that boosts metabolism and the acid present in it burns fat faster compared to other fruits.

Other fat-burning fruits include apple, watermelon, grapes and strawberries.

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