Hilary Clinton gets back to the kitchen, the living room and the other room

Hilary clinton sited preparing her consolation meal which she’ll eat with her husband- Bill Clinton this afternoon. I guess it’ll be hot catfish head and a bottle of fayrouz, what the Igbo (s) call isi-azu i.e.

Fish head. It’ll be eaten most likely with saint leave stew as we can see on the table. From the looks on her face she’s like ” ohh boy abeg I no g die for una i don try joor, make I do fast boil this fish before bill come back come dey hala me say na only election I fit do….but wait oo before we reach the other room ehnn I go ensure say I put plenty pepper 🌶 so that e no go fit try think am. O ya as I dey talk am make I start to dey do am. Osi-so.. but wait oo this pepper dey hot my eye oo any how joor. i no won suffer this night. “.  😆😂😹.


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