Chai!!!! Trump has won the election oo. 

If you have brothers, uncles and aunties in the United States, just load enough airtime for international call and give them that call.  Clear your throats and say ” uncle the uncle how e be for ur side na? Hope say you no dey sweat for where you day they of course I’m sure you are dotted with my cousins in ur living room on ur tv 📺. You know what’s up na? So in preparation for your return, I went to check for lands for you guys so that I can be your agent, you understand that kind tin. The deportation flight would be free so traveling expenses won’t be a budget, just gather your hustle and come and buy 1 plot of land here in GRA Port Harcourt for NGN 15 million. Let’s enjoy the Buhari “change” together. I miss you uncle. Donald don win. Nigerians should start coming back. Jay Z would be deported back to Osun state, Jidenna would  carry 🚗 his ghana-must-go bag 💼 full of suits back to Abia, precisely Aba, Beyoncé would be back to Maduguire, NAS would come back to Ekiti state and Wale to Oshogbo. Lwkmd. “Change” is in the air. 

L😂L! Someone posted this


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