5 Practical ways to teaching our sons to be men.

Below are some practical steps even from my childhood spiced up with a torch of literature. Enjoy.

1-  Handshakes. 

Image result for hand shakes
Every boy should understand the art of the handshake.    There are two kinds: formal and informal.   This group learned both of them.

Formal handshake~ Strong handshake.  Look the opposing person in the eyes.  Introduce yourself first “Hi.  I’m Jack.”  Ask for their name “You are?”

Informal Handshake~ Take their hand and pull it in while you give them a hug with the other hand and use that second hand to pat them firmly on the back.   Ask a question “How are you, Man?”

2- Tie a Tie.

Image result for kid tying a tie

Every single young man in that room walked away with the ability to tie a tie.   It was not easy and it took practice.   They were asked to practice at home, as well.
He also talked about how to DRESS like a gentleman (match your pants, shirt, jacket, socks, etc… with your tie) and how to dress appropriately.  Example: For a wedding, you wear a suit.  To work outside, you wear work clothes.

3- How to make a pancake. 

Image result for kid making pancakes
I loved this one because it gave me that extra bit of responsibility.   It is hot and dangerous, but you are a man and you can handle this.  She taught me how to prepare and serve the pancakes.  The art of when it is time to flip them over (when they bubble through) and when to take them off of the griddle. She taught us how much syrup is needed and how to cut them correctly.
Then she told us to cook breakfast for our dad!  (Love that one even more!)

4.  How to serve others.

Image result for kid serving meal

Carry laundry for your mom.   Shovel the walk-way when it snows.  Carry groceries in without being asked.   Take the dog out and care for him.

5.  Paint a room.


Image result for kid helping dad to paint the room

Paint around the trim (tape it off).  Check if you need one or two coats of paint.
Paint the trim separately.  Use a roller.  Use a brush.
(When I was a kid I helped my Dad paint!)

Yes, these are practical, but they are great for your children to know and understand.  Sometimes the most practical things are really what our kids need to know and understand in order to feel responsible, confident and strong.


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