Round Tables

I sit back and watch my friends put in their very best to provide solutions for the progress of the corporation. I don’t dream to amass wealth to myself neither do I dream of becoming a success alone. When I’m privileged to sit on the round table among my friends, I picture each person sited  with me a ‘billionaire’and then  It dawns on me that I’m not living for myself but for those who against all odds trust in my future and dare to believe in me, i can’t afford to give up cause I’ve gone too far to have a rethink and what has been started is a journey worth the sail. No dream is too big and no dreamer too small. i close my eyes and i see the light on us. Everyday seems like i just came back from the future. We succeed together. We don’t get lucky, we create our luck, we decide our faith, we dream our future, we beat up our asses to fulfill our dreams.When one falls, the other picks him up because two are better than one. We don’t work toward achieving success but becoming it. We eat challenges cause they are bread for us. The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is just that little “extra” that extra touch of excellence, that extra touch of innovation, that extra time, that extra chance, that extra faith, that extra push that makes the natural super natural. When things get tough, we get tougher. it was Albert Einstein that said that a problem can never be solved at the same level it was created. look at it this, you can jump over 3 ft high cross bar by lifting at exactly 3 ft may that extra 0.1 or 0.2 lift will enable you cross over to the other side of victory. The law of insanity states that a man is insane when he constantly does the same thing and expects a different result. There’s no move without a mover. It was Socrates that said that any man who will move the world must first move himself.The difference starts from within then goes without. The future you don’t picture, you can’t feature cause how far you can see is how much you can possess. Let’s succeed together.


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