Trends that will put you on top of your fashion game.

Everyone loves to look nice. We all want to slay in every and any occasion but people often fail more than they slay. These are a few tips that will keep you on top of your game.

1. GREY is the new black (for clothes mostly jeggings and shorts). Everyone looks amazing in grey especially the ass. Inother to give your ass a nice pop but still look sexy grey is perfect.This also applies to guys ‘I mean who doesnt love a guy in grey sweatpants”😈

2. NUDE is the new black (for shoes). Nude heals kill with everything they are paired with. Nude is suitable for a dinner, office, classes and Church. 

3.DARK COLOURS are bae. Look bold and sexy in colours like black, dark blue, brown, navy green or dark green, blood red, wine Ox blood. On a more personal note pink, neon green yellow and so on are not exactly nice on everyskin tone and are hard to pull off.

4. BODYCON is my personal favourite. Calling all curvy ladies, dont hide those curves let the world see the beautiful figure you have.

5. ANKARA runs the world. Ankara blouses, shoes, purses, blazers. Even American sftars are borrowing our African material know as Ankara. Jidenna always slays in his Ankara. So slay like you African brother Jidenna today.

6. CHOCKERS rule put that necklace down. Chockers vary in material and colours but my person favourite are netty and lacy chockers.

7. ANGLED OR SEMI ANGELED EYE BROWS are what you should have above your eyes. Do not walk out with an abomination and call it brows. Wether natural or drawn please ladies ANGLED OR SEMI ANGLED.

8. BRAIDS are hot. Short or long, wool, attachment or crochet, Black or coloured braids are hot.

9. FACE CAPS and HATS are cool. Male or female face caps are an amazing addition to any get up. For a more serious look hats are hot. My man Poe has had the idea for as long as I can remember and Mr Eazi we all know his signature hat.

10. CROP TOP all  the way up.

11. PEIRCINGS are peircing 😆. Not everyone will agree with this but peircings are hot. But less is more with peircings. Nobody wants their freinds to look like metal racks.

12.CLEAVAGE is super sexy. Again not many may agree but cleavage is sweet when you have the goods showee. Now I am not saying put your breast out there but to be naughty show a little cleave.

13. PURSES, CLUTCHES and HANDBAGS are cute. Clutches are mostly for dinners.

14. Off shoulders, leather dresses, baggy sweaters, white canvas and pretty make up also make you chic.

There you go fourteen tips that will help you slay day or night. These few tips will keep you looking on top of your game


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