Leah’s Cross: Chapter 3

Chapter Three
My mother and sister arrived a few minutes after the scene. My sister was holding a wheel barrow of two coolers. I had opened up the restuarant and cleaned up all the tables.

My mother was a very amazing cook. She made the best soups, except Egusi. I hated her Egusi soup. I hated a Egusi soup as a whole.
“Tamuno” I frowned as I turned to my sister.
“Dont call me that” I said
“I was not calling you” She replied “I was exclaiming”
“Tonye come and carry these bottles of water from here”

My mother called my sister who was the most hardworking person I knew. She was also the most annoying human on earth.
“God Mama can’t you do it yourself”

She mumbled
“Ehn” My mother exclaimed
“How did she hear you” I asked laughing
“African mothers can here everything” She replied
“If I slap you eh” My mother shouted “You will hear the trumpet early”
I laughed
“What are you laughing at?” My mother attacked me “Do I look like a comedian?”
“No” I replied
“Clean those tables fast” I quickly began to clean them. I tried to curb my laughing but it just had to come out as my mother continued shouting at Tonye.
In no less than thirty munites after setting up people began to flood the place. There were about ten people so that was good in my book.

I served various people food and kept looking out for my strange heroe.
We had agreed in the afternoon but I had hoped he would pass by earlier.

I picked up Tonye’s phone and looked at the time it was one O’clock already.

I watched the time move till two and then three but he didnt show up. I sighed.
“Mama” I called walking into the back “I want to go to Tobi’s place. I want to get a book from her”
“Which book?” Tonye asked. It was part of her work to put her mouth in things that didnt concern her. “I hope its not those your stupid erotic novels”
I read erotic novels so what, I also read my bible and my text books.

I didnt need my mother knowing I read erotic books.
“No madam Tonye” I replied “I want to borrow a government text book”
“Go and borrow the text book” My mother replied “but you have to be back to help us lock up”
I nodded.
Tobi was a very good freind to me. We had been freinds since we were young. She lived with her brother Tunde as he was the only family she had.
“stop” I heard her laugh as she ran out of her house laughing with a man behind her.


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