FOR MEN: 10 Fashion Blunders to AVOID

  1. ILL-FITTING CLOTHES: over-sized or overly baggy clothes and under-sized, to tight or jump-up clothes gives off a very untidy and rough appearance and should be avoided. If it is hard to find your cloth size, you should go to a tailor to fit your clothes.
  2. BELT-SHOE MATCH: when wearing corporate shoes, make sure the color of the belt matches the color of the shoes.Also, do not wear casual shoes like sneakers with dress belts, you should go with something thicker and more casual.
  3. SOCKS-SUIT MATCHwhen wearing a suit, match the socks to the trousers not the shoes.
  4. UNDERSHIRT OR INNERSHIRTas the name implies, it should be worn on the inside to absorb sweat and prevent your shirt from getting stained not to be worn as a shirt by itself. Some people even go ahead to wear singlets/vests under the innershirt.
  5. DIRTY AND RUMPLED CLOTHESdirtiness generally, should be avoided as it makes one look irresponsible and often irritating and wearing dirty clothes not only gives a bad appearance but also gives off a bad stench and makes people around you uncomfortable thereby, preventing proper physical contact and can also affect the ability to socialise.
  6. SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRT WITH A TIE: this trend should be avoided as it doesn’t look professional or fully formal and it is generally seen as a lower class style. Stick to long-sleeved shirts when wearing a tie.
  7. SOCKS AND SANDALSthis is a very controversial style. I have only seen this look being pulled off by students dressed in school uniforms so unless that’s the look you hope to achieve, do not do this.
  8. CASUAL SHOES AND DRESS PANTS: this trend is most commonly seen among teenagers and young adults. When dressed corporately, ensure to wear corporate shoes instead of sneakers.
  9. BULGING POCKETSwe can all agree that this is very unattractive, so take out the unnecessary items from your pockets to maintain a descent look.
  10. DIRTY SHOESshoes are the first things noticed in a person’s outfit so its important to make sure you keep your shoes clean not only on the outside but on the inside too to avoid odour and maintain good hygiene. Dirty shoes are very disgusting and unattractive.


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