becoming the beast

#respect#becoming The beast
it is said that it is the legends of the lion that protects the lion and not the lion itself…..
What do I mean….
The lion is known for its beastness and its massive aggressiveness and for that it’s respected and well known…..
It is also known to be calm and gentle and very smart in some certain situations……..
It only attacked when given a reason to do so….
If you were to see a lion passing you will not want to attack or say anything because you will not want its trouble and for this reason u will stay mute and allow it to pass gently….
We should learn from this story and try to become like the lion…..
Just like the lion we should learn to be calm patient and precise…we should learn to be able to understand a situation properly before making a move…..
In life one of the basic things that makes a man is respect….
With respect you will be able to ascertain a lot.
And one way to gain respect is talking when and when not to, minding your own business….and making sure you know what you’re aim is….
Learn to become a beast, because by being a beast many people will respect you….


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