I had been in a coma for 5 years after a terrible accident. After convalescing for two months, I was ready for a convoy sent by my dad to pick me up.
Careening in her new Cadillac, Campo Eva screeched in a carefree manner, causing the ruckus that seemed to stir everyone’s attention as some onlookers stared mouth agape at the scene she was creating.
Attention, that’s what she’d never ignore she ignored everything and everyone, never spared a minute for anything. Postponed appointments to whenever she wanted. In a year perhaps, or two, without caring less.
But on this beautiful summer dawn, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London, she drove, sampling her latest in the most annoying way uncalled for.
No doubt Eva was an elite but I decided I wasn’t going to let her get away with her very rude disposition while watching as old men, women, passers by and lot that filled the street dodged, scurried and scampered out of her way like chickens who had rather ended up on a plate on Christmas day than trodden upon or squashed in the reckless drive of Eva. I shuffled my feet.
Her car skidded to a half in front of “coffee break”, the coffee shop I was in. she strode in, two men beside her to the counter, I watched. Just then, a shabby lady walked up to her. She was speaking to her but Eva only sipped her coffee. After some minutes, Eva turned to leave. The lady began to weep and fell on her knees. I got up, hoping my timing was good. Upon reaching the counter, I observed that Eva had turned to the lady and said “when did you come? I didn’t realize you were here”. I ordered my coffee. She had become aware of the young woman kneeling before her. She wore a thread bare coat that may have once been fitting. And the dress she wore beneath had lost its colour. Her shoes were old fashioned and worn out and her hairdo was no-no. Eva was too busy scrutinizing the destitute to care about her pleas for help. Just when decided not to bother with any shabby looking young woman, the escorts that accompanied her started at me, exchanged glimpses in surprise and strolled to take positions beside me. Eva was awestruck. I sipped my coffee. “Who’re you?” she raised a brow now completely baffled. I stared into my cup. “I asked you a question”, she flared. I ignored her. “Take me out of here!” she demanded to her escorts. They stayed put. She stood perplexed and totally confused. I let her sweat it out for a while. Then I turned to the young woman, “here’s my card. There will be a job waiting for you at Candice McCallister”, I said offering my card. It contained information on the biggest and wealthiest organization of the century worldwide, Candice McCallister. “Come tomorrow morning”, I finished. Eva stopped short “I run that organization” she said. “When did you come? I didn’t realize you were here” I replied and smiled, “just a piece of your own self, you must’ve heard of me”. I put out my hand “I’m Candice Hugh McCallister. you know, the daughter of Hugh McCallister. Just got back from India and figured I should be running the organization daddy willed my five years ago”. I sighed, “Your services are no longer needed”. I left her then, got into the Cadillac with the escorts and drove away while an entourage followed.
Eva looked her worst. Perhaps empty, if not dead she stood dumbstruck, her eyes dilated. She just got served…
Her cup of coffee.
Written by:- Eremika Patarh-Ebere


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