Leah’s Cross :Chapter 2

Chapter Two

“Huh” I heard Bola exclaim “Who be this?”

I wondered the same thing. It was very rare to see anyone who interfered with Fola’s terrorism. Everyone tried their best to ignore him they feared the thought of getting beaten brutally or possibly killed.

The young man pulled the table up.

“You deaf?” Fola asked pushing him away from the table “Who are you?”

“Does it matter” The man replied

Fola was shocked. He had never met anyone who talked to him like that.

Fola turned around and laughed wickedly. “Does it matter?” He mimicked the man before the strange man knew what was happenning Fola threw a punch at him which sent him to the ground.

The guy stood up quickly and I was sure Fola was about ready to send another punch. I quickly threw myself between them.

“Fola stop” I shouted “Stop it”

“Leah carry yourself commot may I teach this idiot a lesson” Fola shouted

“No” I replied “Eh no do for this morning” I eyed him “carry yourself commot from here”

He laughed “Are you trying to order me around?”

I knew what I had to do. “Fola if you leave now i will give you a chance” I walked closer to him “Why wouldn’t I want a big strong man like you?”

Bright grunted “This one na joke”

“Shut up” Fola replied still looking at me “You dey play on my intelligence abi”

“I dey craze” I replied “not in a million years. I mean I am a lady I got to form now”

Fola narrowed his eyes “I go leave” Fola said “but only on one condition”

“What?” I smiled

“Lets meet up this night” Fola replied “At my place”

“Ok I’ll see you by eight” I replied

He smiled and kissed my hands which he was now holding.

“Ok” Fola said “Guys may we go”

“Folarin” Bola spoke up

“I said lets go” he shouted

I made sure they were out of sight before I turned to the strange man.

“Its like you have a death wish” I said

He looked down at me and shrugged.

I proceeded to picking up my buckets and he helped me.

“So are you actually going to meet him”He asked

“Not even with a bullet pointed at my head” I replied as I placed the buckets well on the table.

“So how will you avoid him after you do that” He asked

“I have my ways” I replied smiling “I am Leah by the way”

“Leah” He said “thats a beautiful name”

“So what’s your name handsome heroe” I asked

“If we meet again I will tell you” He said

“You are joking right?” I asked with with narrowed eyes and a smile.

“You called me handsome so I have to form now” He said flashing me a pearly white smile.

He began to walk away.

“Wait” I said and he stopped. I ran up to him. “Let me treat to lunch”

“Are you asking me out?” He asked with a whimsical smile.

“Not on your life” I replied “My mom owns this buka so I want to give you a free lunch for saving me”

“I think its the other way” He said “You saved me from a second punch”

“Well I could not let him destroy your handsome face” I replied “plus you wouldnt stand a chance against Folarin”

He laughed “Anything you say Leah.” I liked the way my name sounded when he called it. I simply rolled of his lips.

“Well i will see in the afternoon for my free lunch”

He walked away. I know i was just a kid and he was much older but he was hot.







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