Spending ₦5000 in a month as a student in the university

What can I say about what we all know as “money”. Well, money is a general means of exchange and also cash in the form of coins and bank notes. Now these days, money is scarce, and most people have to cut down their budget to be able to meet up with the increase in prices of goods and services..yeah, but now were gonna talk about those in the university, most of us don’t work and we are either being supported by our parents and through scholarships and at a time like this our parents are probably gonna reduce our allowances. Now here is the task. Spending 5000 in a month on a normal basis is very possible, but as a student in the university; for a school that doesn’t allow the students to cook or use kitchen appliances, It seems like an impossible task, i mean even I can’t think of that, It Can make you go crazy and be like “ So not possible”. So my question here is, how possible is it to spend just ₦5000 under a month in a school where things are very expensive and in a time like this where things are hard and scarce. Please I need comments.


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