Leah’s Cross


In life there are ups and downs. We all have our crosses to carry down the roads pf life till we reach our destination. Some people give up before the journey starts, Some give up along the way others carry the cross for the rest of their lives and other lift there crosses and overcome the challenges in life.

In life positivity is the key.  Always maintain a positive attitude and you can overcome any and every challenge.


Chapter One

I opened my eyes to the dark room which was illuminated by only one candle in the middle of the room. My mother and sister were still fast asleep beside me. I picked up the candle and went to the bathroom. I had my bath as quick as I could.

I walked back to the room and threw on a long black dress.

I proceeded to do my morning routine of frying akara and dishing out the corn meal into a bowl. I had to get up so early so as to catch up with those that leave very early to work. My sister was meant to join me but I knew she would not agree to wake up so I was not going to bother myself. I was too lazy for that, waking her up was harder than pushing a car from the Mainland to the Island.

I was done frying about a hundred peices of akara. I packed it all up into a cooler and headed for my mother’s joint. She owned a buka, local restaurant. I arranged my things infront of there and in no time customers flooded the place. My Akara was bought by all not because it was thr best but because people loved me. I was always helping people around the area.

“Lee Lee” I heard Fola call me. I sighed. I hated Fola. He was practically a terrorist in the area. He had his squad or gang or group. I dont really care what it was but they always managed to get on my last nerve.

Fola had been asking me out since I was fifteen and I spent the last three years saying no. I wasnt interested in a lowlife junkie and hood rat.

We were both in horrible situations in the hood but I wanted to get out. Fola on the other hand was enjoying the third hand hood power he had. The tiny power of making helpless people scared, stealing from the poor and terrorising the hood.

Even if I wanted to date a criminal, I would aim higher and not settle for a common hood theif. I will aim for bank robbers or politicians not Fola.

“Wetin”  I asked “you no dey tire to disturb me”

“No only death go make me tire” Fola replied

“Then i hope you die soon” I said hoping to annoy him away.

“Fola me I don tire for this play you dey play with this girl oh” Bright one of Fola’s gang members said. He was always acting like he could kill the world just kick that his crotch and he with fall and cry.

“She no even get repect” Bola, the only girl in Fola’s group spoke up “You no happy say person like Fola want you. If i dey you shoe i go jump enter the opportunity”

“Bola if you want Fola take him” I replied ” I could care less about him”


“Na who you dey blow english for” Bright charged


“Guys free am” Fola said “Na because she be small girl. She go understand soon say no one can say no to Folarin Adebisi”

“Are you buying akara” I asked “If you arent then move away let other people buy”

“Na me you dey blow for like that eh” Fola shouted before I knew what was happenning the table holding the akara and corn meal was on the floor and the akara and corn spilled out on the ground.

I looked from the ground to Fola speechless. I had no words to express my anger. I simply bent down and began to pick up the akara. I saw a hand picking with me. I thought it was  Fola but when i looked up it was an unfamiliar but breathtaking face.



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