Homemade Coconut Oil



I recently discovered that coconut oil which many naturalistas spend a considerable amount of money on, is surprisingly easy to make. The first reaction was to share my discovery on here.

  1. Crack open the coconut and scoop out the main part, chop it up into small pieces and pop them in your blender, add some cold water then blend.
  2. After blending, use a strain and get as much milk as you can out of the blended coconut. After doing this, put the bowl containing the milk in the freezer, and leave it in until it solidifies.
  3. When you take out the bowl, you’ll notice that the coconut cream has solidified and gotten separated from the extra water you put in. Scoop out the cream into a clean pan or pot.
  4. Simmer it for about forty minutes or more, with the heat of your cooker on low. Keep stirring as it simmers, and soon the oil should begin to show.
  5. Continue to simmer until you are sure you can’t get any more oil out of the remnants of the coconut cream in the pot or pan, which will have darkened considerably by then.
  6. Scoop out your oil and keep in a bottle or jar!


This might seem like a long process for someone who’s used to just popping into a store to get a bottle of coconut oil. But from just one coconut, you’ll be able to get a month’s worth of coconut oil and save some cash.






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