Tips on Make up when you wear Glasses

People who wear glasses just can’t seem to catch a break.

From the endless teasing when they are in primary school, to the fact that they become half blind once they take them off, to contacts wahala. Their problems just go on and on.

Of all their numerous problems, the most annoying has to do with spending forever just to get that winged tip just right and making sure the eye shadow colours blend perfectly into each other only to cover it all up with our pair of extra eyes.

These few tips to make sure that all the sweat and blood (and tears) you put into laying your eye makeup just right pays off.

  1. Make sure your eyebrows are popping.
    That’s one thing your glasses can’t cover. Once your brows are laid, half of the work is done.
  2. Align the tail of your winged tip with the top of your glasses.
    Let the end of your winged tip be on the same line with your glasses not above or below.
  3. Experiment with coloured eye liner.
    You don’t have to use black eyeliner all the time. Especially when you are lining the waterline of your eyes. Try out bright colours like white that will make your eyes pop.
  4. Smoky eye.
    A lot of makeup artists advice against heavy set makeup for your eyes when you wear glasses. However that’s not always true. A smoky eye shines through anything.
  5. Use your mascara up and away from your eye.
    Instead of brushing downwards as usual, use your mascara up and away from your eye. This not only opens up your eye but stops your eyelashes from hitting the lens of your glasses.
  6. Let those babies shine through.
    Use some shimmery eyeshadow for your eyelids. This always works.
  7. Take time to conceal the areas around your eyes.
    Wearing glasses draws attention to your eyes and the areas around it, so take time to conceal around your eyes.
  8. No eye shadow beyond the frame line.
    Don’t put eyeshadow beyond the frame line of your glasses, it kind of looks like you are colouring outside the lines of a colouring book.





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