School Nerves at a glance


Life is not perfect and niether is it always going to give us everything we wished for or wanted

In as much as I would love everyday of my life to go the way i planned and wished it would go, I realize life might be so wonderful, but it can never be perfect.

Are you one of those with exam nerves? Do you long to finish the rituals of school so quickly? Are you fed up with the daily rush hour and its hectic timetable? Are you dreading the thought of still having some days, months or years of school left? if you answered yes to any of these, then you might just be a perfect replica of myself during my last days in high school.

There is no law that prohibits our feeling in such a way and niether is there any law that prohibits the school from bringing activities that would eventually make us achieve  our dream or activities that make us feel this way. So, instead of complaining just as i did, just learn to live with it, as I learnt to and make the remaining days count. Nowadays, stress is the word that comes to the mind of every student and little blame can be put on students, but is the school at fault? This is one question that would continue to be debated amongst stakeholders in the educational world. However, nothing good comes easy so its one journey, that students have to embark on to get to the promise land.

The school is there to develop students all around; physically,  socially, spiritually, emotionally and academically. Nevertheless, as stressful as school  can be, you cannot deny that there have been lots of moments to cherish-sports, fun time with friends, extracurricular activities and so many other activities in the school environment.

Moreover, we can only learn to put up with the stress and make the best out of the educational setting and environment, as it is for our common good. So, as the day in school go by know it would all come to an end one day. If there is something or going to be something then I rejoice with you, but if there is nothing to show, it would be saddening and painful.

Well, to shorten the longtale, I once felt the same way. Learn to make do with it. Others have crossed this path and come out victorious, so nothing stops you from doing better.


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