Showing Less Skin Is Sexier

Men and women kind of agree that when you show a lot of skin, you can send the wrong message and get the wrong type of attention. But with less skin? They find a bit of mystery that makes it sexier.

Guys also find girls who don’t show everything off in order to gain their attention charmingly sweet and irresistible and they’ll do everything to connect. You probably know of a lot of guys that think more skin is attractive yet they find it unattractive for their girlfriends or wives to wear revealing tops and jeans.

This plainly comes down to one thing – guys are actually attracted to modest clothing.

There are so many ways of being sexy without half undressing yourself. If you’re a young woman, don’t worry if you’re not getting the attention other girls gain by the manner they dress. Thinking beautiful with what you wear will make you feel good, and it’s a lot better to be liked with your modest charm and sweet looks.

It pays to be a role model and teach other girls how to dress with grace and elegance. Not just that, you can shine more by wearing something that’s fashionably sexy yet modestly stylish.

Some of those ways to look sexy without going naked are:

1. Show Just A Little Leg

The lower halves of our bodies have some seriously sexy attributes. Butts and thighs are probably the first things that come to mind when you think sex appeal, but don’t forget about your feet and ankles. In the spirit of “less is more,” try trading in a pair of super-short shorts for a pair of cuffed jeans. They’re a lot sleeker than capris and look great with heels and a simple top.

2. Remember: Skin-Tight Isn’t Always Sexiest

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of the body-con look, but there’s something about a flowey top that’s ethereal and utterly sexy. Make sure that the shorts or the skirt or whatever you wear is not too short and not skin-tight. If flirty is what you’re going for, then leave something for the imagination.

3. Wear Sheer Fabric to Show Skin Without Exposing It

Slightly sheer and lightweight fabrics are perfect for showing off some skin while still covering up — as long as you’re wearing appropriate undergarments (i.e. a hot pink thong underneath a white cotton dress is a no-go). Try a light linen t-shirt, it’s a bit see-through but still cool because it’s a bit loose.


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