Saturday Life at Afe Babalola University

Saturday is one day everyone looks up to, for students of  Afe babalola university its a day to relax after a stressful week of

lectures, routine visits to the library and movements to and fro different parts of the school community. Here is one way a student of Afe Babalola University can spend his or her Saturday.


Wake up in time for a blissful work out at the gym or participate in or watch a game at any of the sports arenas.

DSC_1034image gym 1

Clean up/ Environmental

Have a meal (breakfast/lunch/snacks) at any of the cafeterias (Trust me there is much more tasty food and food is in larger quantity on Saturdays).

Abuad food


To get rid of the heat of the day go chill at the swimming pool.

swimming pool ABUAD



Hang out with friends at a concert with a celebrity,go for a dinner,go see a movie .or go blocking (…).


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