Perks of being an ABUAD student

“Its time to go to your hostel. ” “young man oya let her go,  you can continue tomorrow” .  im sure these statements sound familiar ,  well to any Abuad student it should.  Keeping in mind that annoying whistle sound.  I guess they think they are confam beat makers that they keep blowing their whistles continously and simultaneously.  Yes im talking about the famous abuad RED GUARDS.  Sometimes i wonder if their happy with their jobs. Them just sitting and watching all the PDA and, having to make it all stop by 9:30 ,  9:45 .  kissing up to the boss all the time.  Having to say “you there ,  go back you’re not properly dressed ” every 5 mins on school days is so not fresh.  But really can we blame them? 

Being an abuad student has its UP’s and down’s but then i just feel the down’s are more.  What do you think?

Waking up by 4am just so i can hustle for water,  walking all the way from the second floor to ground floor to meet one everlasting line of multiple buckets with ghost owners and only two running taps. Lets give a round of applause to our sisters in the lord who feel that generosity is the way forward and decide to fetch for their entire floor before its time for class while people like me wait till eternity just to fetch one bucket. Then i enter the bathroom and see lots of dry taps and i wonder, why put taps in bathroom if they’ll never run? And when the taps finally run on some blessed days the water isnt even clean .  im sure the residents of wema girls hostel can relate.  As for those in abuad girls hostel ,  you’re lucky.

Im sure im late for class and i want to magically get there before my lecturer and then one beautiful creation of God decidess to give me reason’s why i can’t enter college .  first ,  who came up with this college code thing ? And why?  Me having class in a particular college  doesn’t that signal to you that im a student of that college and if that’s not enough proof what ever happened to ID cards?  That aside how does wearing jeans or tieing a scarf affect me from learning?  Is it making me or the lecturer dumber or reducing our IQs?  We all know that the sun hasn’t been smiling with us ,  so if i wear a sleeveless top or dress as long as its not so indecent i should be allowed to go in at least that’s what we were told during orientation .  so what’s the deal?  Its not like we have fans in class and even classes with air-conditioners , they dont even work so well. As for my brothers in the lord you guys have tried dealing with the whole beard and hair issue.    Its not easy oh. A moment of silence for all the beards that have been cut.  I pray your beards grow back and May i say thumbs up to Nuesa abuad chapter for installing fans, in some classes at engineering college .  God. Bless.

Food is essential for human living.  Kwashiorkor is real.  This life of rice 3 times a day , 7 days a week is not the life i decided to live.  Its really painful when I go into caff 2 after a, long school day and all they have is rice ,  sometimes no beef,  fish or egg.  Sometimes they decide to be nice and provide swallow ,  spaghetti but then its all still carbohydrate.  What happened to protein?  And other classes of food? I cant even start talking about the hustle for yam and egg and porridge in the morning.

Shout out to mr spice concept , the guys beside caff 2 and our uncles and aunty by the refreshment spot beside caff 1.  God bless your hustle.

Night time is meant to be highlight of any university .

In Abuad when theres no concert or movie night all we can do is chill with friends or hang out with that special someone .  for those still setting p the adventure continues.  Anyways if you dont have awesome friends ,  or someone to keep you company ,  or a laptop filled with mad movies   and games.  Honesty you’ll die from boredom unless you’re antisocial then you’ll be absolutely fine.

For those of us who” block” they just kill our vibe by blowing that whistle but then we know they cant bring us down. 💪💪💪

In university , one is meant to be free,  able to make decisions concerning every aspect of ones life and learn lessons for the future .  Life as an Abuad student isnt easy,  but we all have to deal with the perks for at 6, 5, 4 yrs at least. But on the bright side im sure we’ll have mad stories to Tell our children and friends in future.


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