The Spaniard’s assistant Domenec Torrent insists the new City boss is untroubled by the long-standing rivalry with United’s new manager

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Pep Guardiola’s assistant coach Domenec Torrent claims the Manchester City boss will take Jose Mourinho out for dinner and is untroubled by the rivalry with the Manchester United manager.

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Guardiola and Mourinho will renew their rivalry in the Premier League following numerous spats during their time in La Liga with Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“Apart from that famous press conference [before the Champions League semi-final in 2011], if there was something between them, it was kept between Jose and Pep,” Torrent told Punt Avui.

“Manchester is a small place and I’m sure that they’ll see each other in restaurants. One day Mourinho can pay, the next day Pep. I don’t think Pep is worried about anything.”

Torrent, who has followed Guardiola from Bayern Munich to City, insists the Spaniard will not overhaul his new side’s style of play.

“I’ve said it many times: people sell the idea that Pep tried to changed German football and that he’ll try to change English football.

“It’s simply not like that. We went to Germany and we realised immediately that we had to learn the counter-attacking style and that football there was much more physical. We then had to combine that with the idea of possession football.


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