Euro 2016 Updates

With the Euro 2016 unfolding day by day, the competition has been splendid, providing viewers matches of top quality. The Round of 16 was concluded yesterday, Monday, and here are the results of the fixtures:

Switzerland 1 – 1 Poland (with Poland progressing after penalties)

Wales 1- 0 Northern Ireland

Croatia 0 – 1 Portugal

France 2 – 1 Ireland

Germany 3 – 0 Slovakia

Hungary 0 – 4 Belgium

Italy 2 – 0 Spain

England 1 – 2 Iceland

The best viewing from the Round of 16 was undoubtedly the Belgium match, as Eden Hazard showcased his play making and goalscoring talents once again.

With 8 teams progressing into a more difficult stage i.e. the quarter finals(which will be played during the weekend), here are the fixtures:

Poland vs Portugal

Wales vs Belgium

Germany vs Italy

France vs Iceland

A match to look out for is the match between Germany and Italy. We will get to see how the Italians organized defending will fare against the Germans attacking prowess.


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