5 Incidents That Shows Burna Boy Is The Most Controversial Nigeria Artist

Does controversy comes with his brand of music? Burna Boy’s grandfather Benson Idonije is a veteran broadcaster and music critic. He was the first manager of late Afro beat singer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Coming from that background, Burna Boy should know when and how to stay out of controversies.


1.Burna Boy, pregnant lady Burna Boy is currently enmeshed in a pregnancy/baby mama controversy. The lady alleged Burna Boy asked her to abort the pregnancy which she refused and he allegedly threatened to kill her. Burna Boy was later alleged to have gone to the lady’s house where he destroyed her door. He later in an Instagram video sang that he slept with her only once.

2. Burna Boy Blogger’s fight Burna Boy in 2015 via an Instagram post threatened to cause bodily harm to bloggers who write false reports about him.

3.Burna Boy MTV Base tweeter war of words None of Burna Boy’s songs made the MTV Base‘s 2015 MAMA nominations list and the dancehall singer tweeted his anger. The award organizers had to reply him that they didn’t leave him out of the list to ridicule him.

4.Burna Boy Buffalo Souljah Beef Burna Boy had threatened popular Zimbabwean dance hall singer Buffalo Souljah after both camps were reportedly involved in a pool side brawl in South Africa at the Ciroc hosted all white party in 2015.

And Buffalo Spillage replied him

5.Burna Boy and Orbeat Burna Boy in April 2016 was embroiled in a Twitter fight with the producer of his hit song Soke, Orbeat. The producer called him out for owing him for his production efforts and unauthorized release of the single Acting Bad.



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