‘Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Has Finally Been Released

Justice League‘s Rotten Tomatoes score was delayed, prompting conspiracy theories about Warner (who have a relationship with Fandango, who have a minority stake in the ratings aggregator) trying to hide something. It turns out the score was delayed by Rotten Tomatoes’ own editorial team because they wanted to reveal it on their new Facebook show See It/Skip It to drum Read More…


Playing It Safe

On getting the just friends text “So I finally heard back from that guy that I thought was ghosting me. The one I’m kind of friends with.” “And?” “He wants to go back to being just friends.” “Oh, ouch.” “Yeah. More specifically he said he likes being friends with me and he wants to shift things back Read More…


Am I undateable? and other fears

How deeply-rooted feelings of unworthiness have kept me eternally single I’ve barely dated anyone in my life. In fact, despite being 24 in New York City, I haven’t been in any sort of romantic relationship in over three years, even for just a week or two. My longest relationship ever lasted two months — eight months if Read More…


Mind the gap

Between your expectations and reality. It wasn’t quite a surprise to me but two months ago I was back in London for work. I felt really conflicted about this trip because I knew there was a big chance that ‘London’ would be a synonym to ‘trying once again with him’. Despite that, I backed up myself with Read More…


Somewhere, a girl waits

There’s a boy who lives in Chicago, his smile quick, the words roll off his tongue, but the two hour flight might as well be the Milky Way, stardust, streaking the space between us, a layover that could never be my destination. On days I feel bold, I read him the speech from the crumpled Read More…


I’ve Been Using the iPhone X for 2 Weeks. Here’s What I Think So Far

After a flashy reveal in September, Apple earlier this month finally released its most forward-looking iPhone in years. To Apple, the iPhone X is a harbinger of what’s to come. “Our teams have been hard at work for years on something that is important to all of us,” CEO Tim Cook said on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater shortly Read More…