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Money is not the ultimate motivator for majority of great entrepreneurs, but they end up making so much money that many people rush into the entrepreneurial world without understanding how the system divides the pack into two groups the big pack of unsuccessful entrepreneurs and small pack of successful entrepreneurs.

Money plays a role, but not one you might expect as you would discover when great entrepreneurs talk about their experience.

The largest businesses were started on the goal to satisfy a need and not built on the urgency to make money. You must also know all great businesses have faced sad times only few undaunted individuals or group of individuals can face. For instance, there was a year Coca Cola did not sell up to 100 bottles, but today it is the greatest selling drink brand.

Putting financial perspective, exceptional entrepreneurs would prefer to pay less or at discount to give the leftover to someone who needs it; because they believe that their business should make money. This is not because they want material things for themselves, but most times because they want their money to take care of personal needs and needs of others.

The most successful entrepreneurs do not lead lavish lifestyles that reflect their financial success, because they know to get to the top of the ladder they had to earn it and if they decide to start purchasing much load than they can carry at the top they would fall off.

For most people, the motif is about making money, but great entrepreneurs know it is all about earning the clients respect and building relationships. Same way money can buy an individual’s attention and fake love at a particular moment, but cannot buy loyalty and true love of an individual.

When you earn a clients respect and trust you command his reference and he recommends you to friends who then seek the same highly professional service you initially rendered. This means more clients, a growing network, a growing empire and more money. However, when your goal is solely the money instead of delivering a service that will stand out, you want to use less money to deliver a service to a client and get more money. At the end of the day the client is not happy and you get no recommendation but bad publicity for bad service.

Therefore, to make a great business empire you need to build your idea on the goal to satisfy a need and not solely on money. Successful entrepreneurship is about building a good brand reputation and image that makes you stand out and stands the toughest of times.

You must also know the road to the top in the entrepreneurial world is rough and long. You will give up a lot of things you love doing, you will lose friendships. No great entrepreneur would ever reveal the true secret of his or her business or reaching the top, but there is one thing that makes all great entrepreneurs great that everyone knows and they are discipline and dauntlessness. Everyone knows this but only few people possess these traits required to make an individual reach the top in the entrepreneurial world.

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