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The Real Story Behind Caleb Shanabo's Death.


A stink amateur factionist is a character who relishes in writing curious and emerging prose genre in which both ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ co-exist in the same story. But it is rather sad nowadays that some of these amateur writers chose to practice faction by engaging in cheap juvenile mischief and gutter propaganda.

It is good to get something clear here, that not until a person latches on the death of an innocent student before the world nods its approval that he is a writer. Those who are knowledgeable, and I mean discerning minds, can see clearly that the person who called himself “A Concerned ABUAD Student” to level serious but frivolously untrue allegations against ABUAD on the unfortunate death of one of our cherished students, Caleb Shanabo, knows next to nothing about the story and the true position of things.

Hence some brief analytical narration of the incident would be given here in order to shed light on the matter for people to have the facts at their disposal.

The unsolicited faction which the character, “A Concerned ABUAD Student” dumped at the door step of the social media mill started in the early hours of Saturday 21st October, 2017, sometime between 6:00am and 7:00am. As part of the normal practice of ABUAD Students, many of them love to do one form of physical exercise or the other in the early morning of weekends. Skating, jogging, aerobics e.t.c is what you will see on campus roads. At that early hour of Saturday 21 October, a group of staff working to ensure a hitch-free Convocation Ceremony saw the deceased, Caleb Shanabo jogging amidst five (5) other students: four (4) girls and a boy. The group of students was running round the first ring-road of the school, that is, from Obasanjo Way round the girls hostels to boys’ hostels, Talents Discovery Center (TDC) back to Obasanjo Way.

The group of staff was able to observe the students’ jogging itinerary because that Saturday was ABUAD’s convocation day; and security men were being deplored to various locations on campus to control vehicular and human traffic. Shortly after he was first sighted, it was noticed that Caleb went into his hostel as though that marked the end of that morning’s physical exercise.

However, about thirty minutes after he had gone into his hostel, Caleb reappeared as if he got a telephone call. Still in his same sport wears, he headed towards TDC and moved past a group of security men in front of Hostel 1 before he began to jog again (It looked like he was jogging this time to meet up with someone; perhaps the person who had called him). He hardly jogged up to 50 yards away from the security men than he suddenly collapsed. Students around the location quickly dispersed thinking that he had suffered an epileptic attack. But a gallant ABUAD security officer known as AY, who doubles as Head of SDO rushed immediately to attend to him. It was then that he discovered that the boy was gasping for breath. He shouted for help demanding that a stretcher be brought. A stretcher was brought in fewer than 4 minutes. Many students joined hands and he was rushed to the University Clinic where a doctor and six nurses were on call at that point in time. The medical team immediately commenced Emergency procedure on Caleb and administered repeated but serious cardiac massage on him but he was not responding to attempts to resuscitate him. Promptly, the medical team instructed that he should be transferred to the University’s brand new teaching hospital while he was on oxygen. Sadly, Caleb was pronounced dead upon arrival at the facility. It was a bitter pill for everyone to swallow because all efforts to save him from death had proved abortive.

Though it’s an open secret that Caleb had been battling with some health challenges, his death was unfortunate and very painful because he had slumped in the presence of some staff on Convocation morning and got medical help almost immediately, yet he could not be saved. It is therefore most wicked, insensitive and pedestrian for anybody to sell themselves over news of the death of a boy who was cut down in his prime with world before him to conquer, and leaving behind loving parents and friends to mourn him.

So, to the faceless “Concerned ABUAD Student” who claimed that Caleb was jogging on the field and slumped, I put it to you that you are nothing but a satanic liar. Claiming that you are a friend to the deceased despite being aware of his health condition shows to me that you are nothing but a callous frenemy.

Some answers to salient questions on the matter:

Q: Was there no doctor on call when Caleb arrived the University Clinic?

A: The fact which can be corroborated is that here was a doctor and six nurses on call that morning.

Q: Why was there no ambulance?

A: You also contradicted yourself because you said he was rushed to the teaching hospital. So if he was actually rushed to the teaching hospital as you rightly admitted, was that done in a wheelbarrow?

Q: The school is keeping quiet?

A: Is this the type of news to be celebrated? Well if for you it is, then may God reward you accordingly.

The writer claims to be an ABUAD student, and claimed to have personally experienced the negligent ways the clinic staff treat patients/students. I would like to ask you whether you had been in coma at any point and the nurses were asking for your clinic card and/or number. In your submission, you also wished that all the nurses be retired because they are too old, without minding their experiences (something which is also vital in medical care). Please know that God is watching you. Finally can you substantiate with empirical evidences,your claim that a student dies every year in ABUAD due to the negligence of ABUAD’s medical personnel?

Because you belong in the gutter, and you are dissipating your time writing hogwash and thrash, we in ABUAD refuse to enter the gutter with you because a man who wrestles with a pig would become a pig. We politely refuse to grant you the opportunity to stain our unblemished apparel.

Tunde Wahab is my name, if you so wish, do me a feedback. No hard feelings.


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