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Let’s admit it; every point in time in the world, there is a trend. There is something everyone (or at least almost everyone) is doing. Trends are usually very much felt among the young people where peer pressure is one of the core determinants of how they behave and what they do. Look at this critically and be honest with yourself: Not all trends are good. Some are disturbing, some are evil, and some are out rightly unimaginable. However, they “catch on” because everyone is doing it. Currently, the trend is drugs. Things would get very boring if I start giving you biological or chemist definitions of drugs and what they do. Matter of fact, I don’t know much about these substances and their full effect to the body. However, I know one thing, and that remains undisputed – Drugs are a terrible trend –

It’s virtually everywhere in the world so it seems there is no running away from it. But there is. Figuratively, the drug dealers and users in here are a big water body, and you (hopefully you aren’t a user, or a dealer) are submerged in the enclave of these people who are into this. Now, I’m trying to show you how to not get wet. Get it? It’s easy, but then, it’s not. Let’s begin.

Have a made up mindset about drugs. You can’t be in doubt and think you won’t fall for it. Don’t try to get ‘rational’ by telling yourself that maybe it’s not too bad or maybe it may have its good sides. Nah. That’s not how to roll. You have to be strong willed in this case, and have a made-up mind. Tell yourself repeatedly as if it’s prayer that “This shit is crazy, and the guys doing it are in the need of help”. I started up by thinking that “OK, maybe marijuana isn’t so bad and all. Probably, Codeine isn’t that bad, I mean, it’s just cough syrup” but please, please, and please I ask you, don’t see it that way. Even if marijuana doesn’t kill you, and you can’t get overdosed from it, (don’t expect me to explain this scientifically) it causes your mind to see the world in squiggly lines and distorts reality. Moreover, I know that stuff can cause some sort of cancer. Make up your mind and totally avoid it.

Don’t be too curious: I am naturally curious, and my first alcohol intake was due to curiosity (LMFAO, it ended with me being dead drunk on a Christmas Eve). However, everything has limits. You first see yourself trying to experiment with a puff or two, and then you become an occasional user, then a habitual user, then an addict. Trust me; you don’t want that kind of life for even your enemies. You get caged and controlled by a stupid substance. Its all good when you start, but when it gets you, you’ll be in more shit than you ever imagined. One day, you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and know that things have changed for the worse.

You have friends that use? Create boundaries: Not that you should be a child or anything and take to running away entirely from friends that use. Actually, keep a few around because in life, it’s always beneficial to have different characters (both good and bad) around you. However, create boundaries. If your friend is just starting the journey, maybe make some attempt to help him. If he is an addict, a pity, because you can do little or nothing for him. You can help yourself by making it absolutely clear to him that you aren’t about that life and that he shouldn’t attempt to make you get involved with drugs. Don’t belittle him or call him crack head or whatever. Just talk. If he insists on trying to pull you in, then drop him and avoid him.

Keep “cool” in many other ways: Many people take drugs because some idiots consider it “cool”. How on earth is it cool to do that? Like I said, some trends are pure evil. I mean, this stuff literally kills you slowly. Yes, we are all gonna die someday but Lord knows nobody wants a death caused by an overdose of some stupid drug. There are a thousand other ways to be cool. Have a fresh haircut. Wear something outstanding and eye catching. Use slang when you talk. Get a 5.0 after every year. Walk with swag. Listen to good music. If you want to go an extra mile, get a girl. To be honest, it’s not worth it when you take drugs to appear cool.

Pray: Some people don’t believe in God, and that is OK. However, it is good to believe in God. You do your part by following these steps, and he does his part by moving evil away from your path.

Join a Drug-Free Club: As ‘uncool’ as it sounds, it is extremely useful. I mean, it’s not a Christian fellowship or anything so you won’t come to clap and sing. All you do here is to listen to previous users (or users who want rehabilitation) talk about what drugs did to their lives. If these stories don’t implore you to avoid drugs, then you may as well be a stone in the heart. In ABUAD, there is one, and they are ding wonders

Be busy: Many people start doing drugs out of boredom. Yes, it’s sad but true. You stay on your own one afternoon doing absolutely nothing, and being bored, and then you remember the guy next door has a stash under his bed, and then you go meet him, and there goes your life. Join a dance group, read books, be on your phone, go out and meet people, block as much as possible if that will prevent you from doing it. Just make sure you are doing something to occupy your mind at every point in time.

Here are things you shouldn’t do.

Going up and down criticizing users: They are also people and have souls. Talking trash about them doesn’t help much in their case. Stay on your lane.

Going up and down preaching to users: Please, you are not a pastor. Let the pastors do their jobs. Don’t be extra. Save yourself and let others do same if they want to.

Going up and down trying to find who uses and who sells: Please don’t try to be Minister of Information. Its not really your business who is using and who isn’t . If your friend is a user, you will definitely know. Respect people’s privacy.

If you heed to the advice on this write up, you will stay 4, 5, or 6 years here without having a taste of drugs, and by the time you continue, drugs will fade away from you so much you will forget about it.


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